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Guru Dham Activities

Guru Dham is a charitable trust which is established in holy presence of Vyas Shri Naresh Chander Shastri Ji, under provision of Indian Trust Act. The Trust is working in all over India and other countries of the world for the welfare activities. Aims & Objectives of the Trust:

(1) To create peace in the world & a sense of brotherhood, love & mutual harmony amongst public in general.

(2) To organize Kathas & other public awareness program in India & other countries of the world for development of the humanity.

(3) To establish the ashrams for maintaining the world peace & brotherhood and gurukuls to provide education to poors & weak segments of society.

(4) To make best efforts for the development of good environment by seeding of plants and trees and cleaning of river.

(5) To arrange, establish higher/senior secondary schools. To provide general education & also to bring the education of best standards in the reach of poor & backward children at the lowest possible cost.

(6) To publish magzines, journals and other publications on different subject & in different languages for the promotion of above aims & objects regarding religious growth.

(7) To establish, maintain and administered such as ashrams including homes for old-age, sick, disabled.

(8) To distribute necessary things like cloths, food and money for the poor and needy helpless persons for their welfare.

(9) To grant relief during natural calamities such as floods etc., and to give donations, subscriptions and doing such relief work for person affected thereby.


(1) For the world wide peace, in Holy Presence of Pujya Thakurji the trust conducts Various Bhagwat Kathas:
  1. (a) Shreemad Bhagwat Katha
  2. (b) Shree Ram Katha
  3. (c) Shree Krishna Katha

(2) Conduction of discources and Bhajan-Sandhya.

(3) Publication of monthly magzine.

(4) To make available CD's-DVD's of kathas and bhajan sung by Pujya Thakurji.

(5) Arrangement for marriage for poor girls.

(6) Helping of disabled & backward classes.

(7) To provide help for widows and homeless women.

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